Tuesday, April 5, 2011


During the night the hip pain was enough to wake the dead. Trying to figure out why I'm so crippled up this morning and then I remember yesterday.
Bending over cleaning up Sanna's leg, bending over hosing her for 15 to 20 minutes at a time. Bending down cleaning up the house and walking in the morning with only Rachel who walks at such a great pace one cannot walk and talk. YEP there are only so many bendovers in life and probably a good third of mine were used up yesterday.
Today is a new day, the sun is rising and even though it is only 34 degrees outside we are suppose to reach a high of 55. All you family members down in Gulf Shores enjoy the warmth down there then bring some back when you come home.
Sanna will be moved today into the only empty paddock left and a round bale will be put in for her. Paris will be moved in with her for company. As long as the weather is dry and sunny Sanna should be out so she can move around. We are getting anxious for the grass to start growing, the herd would love to be out at Middle Grove but it has been so cold and dry not much is coming up. They will have stay on hay for at least a few more weeks.

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