Saturday, April 23, 2011

Emma's Date

We drove over 2 hours one way and brought back a date for Emma. Bruno is an AKC registered English Mastiff with champions in his pedigree. His owners were willing to let us bring Bruno here to meet Emma. All went well, the dogs played and played then tied the knot. Hopefully puppies are on the way! Isn't he a handsome fellow? Emma sure thinks so and even Darcy liked him. Below is Bruno on the left and Emma on the right.

Darcy had to get in on the act and check him out.

She gave her approval for the match and they all stopped play to get a drink.

Mark and I took off for the farm to drop off one more load today. Mark worked very hard today while we were off driving around the country side. He went through and pack up items in the closets, cupboards and even worked on the basement.
At the farm, he unloaded the truck while Mike brought Frannie, the 10year old buckskin over for Raven. She was still in and was covered. Mike gave a good report of Frannie today. Karin rode Frannie while Mike rode Dalia on the trails. Frannie wasn't a ball of fire but no buck, rear or even spook. She took her time going through the creeks. She needs work with leading but was accepting of what Karin asked her. We will post pictures of Frannie once she is shed out and cleaned up. She is a grade appendix mare with a nice long neck. She will make a great match with Raven. Sangria and Sanna were put in a paddock for the night. With the sunrise service tomorrow for Easter I didn't feel there would be enough time to get to the farm before we needed to be at the fellowship hall.

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