Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Howling

The howling started right after we fell asleep. We were pretty exhausted from the disturbed 2 nights before and headed up to bed at 9:20pm and were rudely awakened by 10:15pm. Emma was put out thinking that might help except then there was barking. It's a wonder the neighbors haven't complained. Finally around 3:30am the dogs finally settled down. That does it, even if it is too soon and Emma doesn't get pregnant he WILL go home on Wednesday! Emma was brought inside this morning and she is just covered in thick MUD. Didn't even have her cleaned up when he started howling again, one of the most sorrowful mournful cries, just pathetic. We will keep Emma in today away from him if we can stand the sound, put them together tomorrow then TAKE HIM HOME.
We have someone coming to try Dalia out, Karin has agreed to help out with that on Friday. Funny but everyone is going to miss that mare if she sells. She is so sweet and doesn't have a mean bone in her body.
Heathcliff needs to be brought in from Middle Grove and his feet trimmed. There is someone from Iowa wanting to come see him.

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