Monday, April 18, 2011

The Morel of the Story

Ebby joined us this morning bringing her favorite dried out deer skin, of course Emma could hardly wait to get it away from the little monster but had to wait until Ebby found something better.
We had just finished the first loop, laughing hard listening to Diane tell about what happened to her father-in-law when Rachel looks down and finds the FIRST morel mushroom of the season.
We feel Diane's story should be told as surely there is someone else today needing a laugh. A bunch of the kids showed up at the lake last evening for volley ball around 4:00pm. Diane took 5 of the young ones over to feed them some dinner, walked in the door with these 5 wide eyed kids and there was her father-in-law standing in the middle of the kitchen dripping wet with just a blanket around him.
John decided to put out a bunch of fishing lines in their pond to catch some of the small bass. He went out into the pond in the little paddle boat and was catching fish as fast as he could pull them in, reached over and tipped the boat going completely under.
He came into her house, and was sheepishly trying to figure out how to run her washer and dryer. Diane found him some old swimming trunks to wear while his clothes dried. He told her "if I could have figured out how to use your machines you would have never known."
Diane went on to tell how the rest of the evening went with that start. The more she talked the harder we laughed! And people wonder why we don't want to miss these walks!
On the second loop, Rachel finds ANOTHER mushroom. so the moral of the story is keep your eyes open and perhaps you will be blessed with a morel.
Steven is going to the farm today to meet a man wanting 6 to 8 loads of manure. While he is there he will tease Lily and Wynne. Sangria is definitely more bagged up today, perhaps we will test her tonight. She is a few days overdue. Both mares were let out and their stalls cleaned.
Our goblets are to be delivered today at the fellowship hall around 2:00pm. Mark is coming with me and will help Myrna Hoerr and I run them through the dishwasher before putting them away.

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