Monday, April 25, 2011

Lily In

Steven arrived at the farm and proceeded to move Sanna and her filly into the cabin field to get them off the mud and on the grass. The filly is doing very well and Sanna is ready to introduce her to the other 2 mares.
Steven brought Lily over for teasing, it didn't take much, she is in and was covered.
Frannie should have been checked today but it is POURING again, I just can't ask anyone to pull her out and test her.
We have a water leak at Bridlewood, a plumber will be stopping by tomorrow morning to see about fixing it. Funny we haven't had leaks since putting the pressure reducing valve on and the leak is in the field where we weren't even aware we had a water pipe. This will be an unexpected expense not planned for, oh well, easy come-easy go.
The Mastiff stud we borrowed for Emma has done his job very well over and over and we desperately WANT to TAKE HIM HOME! He howls all night long. We have not had a good nights sleep in the last 2 nights. The first night around 1:00am Rhoda opened her window and yelled at him. In the morning we discover he has taken the dog sleeping bed, the rug, and lots of firewood off the front porch and dragged it all into the yard to get rained on. Last night we opened our window and started yelling at him, Mark finally got up and put Emma out with him and finally there was blessed quietness. We were going to take him back on Saturday but I've asked Rhoda to text the owner to see if he go home Wednesday instead. Sleep deprivation is not a good thing for old people. It makes us very crabby.
The wrapped Bibles were picked up from the Skyline home and 10 more boxes dropped off for wrapping. Now it is time to work on the attic a bit.

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