Thursday, April 7, 2011

Kenzie Keira

Kenzie and Keira will be shown today to a man looking for a couple of Friesian foals for a special birthday surprise. He is coming up around 1:00pm, hope the rain holds off, it is suppose to start this afternoon and as much as we need the rain it is easier to show off the foals when we can turn them loose in the field.
Sunday afternoon another person wants to come down from Chicago to look at Keira, if she ends up selling they will need to be called to cancel.
All is going well at the farm except neither mare we are teasing is showing any signs of coming in. We need to get these mares covered to open up room for the outside mares that are booked for May.
Sanna's cut is healing well, she has now been off bute for 48 hours and is walking very well. She is still on Sulpha and will continue that for another week.
Sangria is not bagged up, she is due April 16th but usually goes a bit late. IF she has a colt it is pretty much sold, there is more than one person wanting a colt out of her by Raven so the first one to come up with the money will win. Too bad one wasn't interested in a filly.

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