Friday, April 8, 2011


One of the small worries about moving out to the farm is there is no cable internet service. In the horse business the internet service is very important, in fact there would be no Horsemeister, Inc. If it wasn't for cable internet so this is something I've been worried about. Finally thought, "this is stupid, I should just pray about this."
A phone call came today from Comcast and thinking Mark must have called to see what was available I explained to the man on the phone what we wanted. Comcast does not service Hanna City but the salesman kept wanting to sign us up for a bundle. I'm not too bright but finally figured out that this was just a sales call but at least I got a phone number of Mediacom which services Hanna City and Glasford. Now Diane and Rachel have both tried to get cable internet and were both told "nope it can't be done in that area". Mark was given the number, he called it tonight and is explaining to the person that answered the phone what we want, the man that answers the phone gets the supervisor she gets on the phone, Mark tells her that we want it back at the Horsemeister office. That person replies "I know exactly where that is, I bought a horse from you." It was Sue Martin on the phone and she was the person that bought Sanna's filly.
NOW What a small world, and what a coincident to call the night she is at work and have HER be the supervisor that night and the one to get on the phone. She will do her best to get us cable internet. She is sending someone out on the 15th, between 1:00 and 5:00. Any of you lake people interested in cable internet let me know so the tech that shows up can be shown all properties interested.

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