Sunday, August 29, 2010

Our Sunday

This morning started early, VERY early. Mark and I spent the night with the 2 dogs at the cabin. Right after we fell asleep Mark's phone rang, then again and then a third time. None if it was too serious but enough each time to take us out of the drowsy stage to wide awake. Finally we settled back down and the dogs heard someone outside and went crazy barking. They were not easy to settle down, they take their protection job very seriously. Around 2:00am Emma started whining, of course my first thought is she needs to go outside. Emma went right out to the yard but Darcy ran to the car and wouldn't leave it, telling me "it's time to go HOME." Once back in the cabin, Emma heard and probably smelled something and hurled herself right on top of us. By 2:30am both Mark and I decided enough, and to the dogs satisfaction headed home.
Craig Stickling spoke at the morning service and WOW was the reaction. The Spirit MOVED in him and in Peoria this morning. We heard of the potter's wheel and how we need to be softened clay, molded for God. I made the remark that the best way to finish out the day would be if Dave Obergfel spoke for the afternoon and when Dave stood up it was like "YES!" We ALL felt like Dave stepped down too soon. What a day! Once home it was crash time, too short of a night and too much activity yesterday.
An email came from Princess' owner that included a short video of the first time Princess was mounted. This is what she wrote:
Hi Judy,
I set the video as "private". It won't show up on youtube as public. (I'm still nervous I guess.) I have sent it to you. You can post it if you like but this first video may not be dramatic to some. It is an absolute highlight for us because it shows her being mounted for the very first time! She has let me sit on her many times while she was laying down... but climbing up there while she is standing is a whole different experience for her. I am over 5'8" tall so you can tell how tall she is (plus I have another 2 inches with cowboy heels on.) We were in the arena to start. Can see how calm and trusting she is (and our relationship with her! :) And the look on her face as she is taking it all in and processing the experience. No worries! At the end you can hear me tell Ty that maybe we should take her out in the corral to see what else she can do...after just four minutes of saddle time! That will be in part 2!
Here it is!
Alesia :)

We love hearing and now seeing how easy Raven babies are to get under saddle. One of our customers made the statement if people knew how easy Raven foals were to get under saddle there would be NO other breeds.
We also got good news from Don Kummer, his purebred Friesian mare Zephur has been ultra sounded IN FOAL! Raven strikes again. We expected no less but nice of them to call with the news.
Diane called to tell us they were on their way over to show us what Horsemeister bought. My first thought was hope they come in a car and not a truck. At least no new machinery can fit in the car. We now have 2 new (used) saddles, one a 16 inch show saddle, very well made and the other a lightweight 17 inch Big Horn. They also got 2 saddle stands a hackamore, a new bridle and some misc stuff all for $575.00.
Even though it is hard to spend the money, we really do need saddles. We are limited on how many horses we can take out at one time because we didn't have enough tack.

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