Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Emma's Eye

This morning after the walk, I called Emma to get in the car and saw a gash by her right eye. It didn't look to serious and I thought perhaps Heidi played a little too hard. Emma was just dropped off at the house, then off to work I went. When I got home from work around 3:00pm there is Emma both eyes swollen, weeping and awful looking. Rhoda was called and Emma taken in to Dunlap Vet clinic. Dr. Lissa Calhoun checked her over, told us she does have an eyeball in there and it doesn't look lacerated. Emma is now on drops to reduce swelling which will hopefully allow Dr. Calhoun to get a better exam in a couple of days. The picture was taken at Dunlap Vet clinic.
Cathie called that Star's owner would like to find a home for him. She told Cathie that he is very thin and they can no longer keep him. Steven is picking Star up on Thursday morning and bringing him to Bridlewood for some intensive feeding. Star is 23 years old and was a perfect lesson horse for Bridlewood for many years. Cathie doesn't have the heart to let him be a throw away horse.

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