Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday Monday AGAIN

Typical Monday, get to the farm and see Raven's automatic waterer is leaking, then
during the breakfast feeding, Samantha's filly was just not right. Saturday we noticed diarrhea but with everything going on I guess I just hoped she would get better on her own. Samantha had been given a Panacur Power Pak that ended August 21st so when the baby starts showing diarrhea a week later, I didn't immediately put the two together.
After the walk, I went back to check the filly out well and realized she is dehydrated and still having such awful diarrhea it is coming out like pale sickly water. The vet clinic was called and appointment made for 9:45am then it was home to get the truck, back to the farm to hook up the trailer, see Rachel Sauder and have her help hose off the baby's rear end and load the 2 into the trailer. Rachel Sauder and her husband were there working on the leak by the time I made it back with the truck.
So the filly's blood work is drawn and besides being dehydrated, her electrolytes are off and she needs IV's, probiotics to help with the diarrhea, and antibiotics to help the gut. She finally started nursing well after 5 liters of IV were put into her. At 4:00pm I am heading back to administer another 5 liters and at 10:00pm she gets the 3rd set of 5 liters along with another dose of antibiotics. All of this because we were worried that Samantha was losing too much weight. If I would have known that the wormer will go through the milk we would have waited and just had Samantha's new owner do the power pack once the filly is weaned.
The hay was cut Friday afternoon and we had 2 beautiful drying days of sunshine but today (Monday again) they show up to rake it and it is overcast with a 40% chance of rain so they don't want to rake and bale it, they think they should wait until tomorrow which is suppose to be sunny. So do we take a chance on the rain or put it up with the small chance some may not be dry enough? ARGHHHHHH.

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