Monday, August 16, 2010

Vet Appointment

Jenis had come in season on Saturday, Mike said she stood very well for Raven on Sunday but today she would have nothing to do with him, so we must have caught her on her last day yesterday, then this morning Ylse is showing she is in and covered, bummer, neither mare caught on their foal heat. Not unusual but kind of disappointing for us, we were hoping to make up for some lost time.
After the walk this morning it was down to TSC for grain and salt blocks. I was just going to pick up 9 bags of grain but they had a sign out, buy 20 or more bags and get 5% off total. So 20 bags of grain each weighing 50 pounds were paid for along with 3 50 pound salt blocks, drove around to the back gate to be loaded, helped load the grain and salt and headed down to the shop to pay some bills. While there Mark must have come, looked at the car and freaked out, it was so loaded there was only about 3 inches of clearance. One stud fee was deposited and 2 tires were paid for then it was time to head to the farm for unloading. The car did NOT hit bottom at all, probably could have fit at least 2 more 50 pound bags in. Steven was already at the farm with Rebekah working Wynne so that had to be watched, then the boys were taken out, boy that Evan picks up training so fast, he must be intelligent. Steven had a bridle complete with bit in his mouth for today's work, line driving him at a trot around the arena. Wynne was introduced to the pedestal today. Then we started unloading and instead of 20 bags there are 21 bags of grain in the car. Once home, TSC was called and the man answering the phone was the man that helped load the bags. He just wrote a note that I'd be in later to pay for the extra bag, I was just too tired to come in today.
Beth heard that our vet was coming and brought her very old chocolate lab in to be euthanized. They had been putting this off as their youngest son was not ready to say goodbye but time has a way of catching up with these old dogs and it clearly was time for her to have her rest. She was a wonderful family dog and leaves them with many memories.
Dr. Hoerr made it out to the farm by 2:30pm and drew blood for coggins from Jenis, Ylse, Rohan (Velvet's colt) and Samantha. Samantha was saved for last, she has lost weight nursing and we wanted her teeth checked. They weren't too bad but Dr. Hoerr went ahead and floated them, then suggested buying a Panacur power pak to worm her and buying shelled corn to help with weight gain. Our last question was about the loss of hair on Valiant, he looks like he has the creepy crud but iodine shampoo is not taking care of the problem. Dr. Hoerr thinks his skin is very sensitive to bug bites, most likely midgets or no-see-ums. He is recommending a special spray to stop him from being bitten.
I am so ready for dinner, mom cooked us a wonderful breakfast each of us having one farm fresh egg, one slice of toast and one sausage patty. Then no time for lunch. I'm heating up left over steak for dinner.

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