Friday, August 6, 2010

Cool Breezes

What a relief to wake up to cool weather after the last few days and nights extreme heat. Driving out to the farm the thermometer was reading 64 degrees. The barn chores this morning were actually pleasant. No walk, mom had to be at St. Francis for her cataract surgery but we did get in a little visiting before we left at 7:45am.
The hardest part about this surgery for mom is that she is not allowed to wear ANY eye makeup for the week. When mom told us about that we had a good laugh. The surgery went very quickly and she will go back again in 2 weeks for the next eye.
Karin helped with the bandage change on the filly. Then it was down to the office for work. Spark and Dan joined me for lunch at Denny's.
By the time I arrived home there were 2 couches, 2 chairs, all of the end tables and bags of fake plants sitting out on our front yard with FREE signs on them. The first people that stopped looked over the couch and said, this smells like DOG! I think they just saw dog hair on it, surely it didn't smell? Sarah, David Jacob, and Caleb headed to Diane's to pick up our new (old) furniture. I think it looks great, we'll see what Diane says about it once we have it all fixed up.
Mark needed to head to the church to work on thermostats and after working there over an hour we headed to HyVee's for Chinese. For our Friday night entertainment we ended up spending some time looking over the store and buying some liquid smoke and bananas.
As we drove into our driveway the first thing we notice is almost all the furniture is gone and there is Emma carrying a 3 foot sections of our Toyota in her mouth. I noticed something not sounding right driving the car earlier, saw we had another front end section coming loose so pulled it off and placed it by the tree where Emma claimed it for a chew toy. We love our Toyota but they sure aren't put together very strong.

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