Thursday, August 12, 2010

Noah's Ark

It is pretty awful outside very hot and humid with temps climbing well into the 90s and no breeze to speak of. The heat index is suppose to be between 107-110 degrees and even this early it feels we are already there.
Dakota needed a new round bale here at Bridlewood and just the little bit of labor it took, I'm dripping wet. Cathie has suspended all the rest of her lessons today, just too hard on all horses and people.
We have a group of boys coming out this evening for a trail ride, not sure how that's going to happen with this heat. Perhaps they should just go bareback and ride in the lake.
We made it home last night and had another night sleeping on the living room floor. A neighbor called, had no air and their house was miserable. We still have air on our first floor. Mark took the loaner unit over to them late last night and will install their new central unit today.
After the walk this morning none of the mares with foals by their sides were where they could be seen. I was so tempted to just assume they are all ok but my conscience just wouldn't let me. At least the hike into the back pasture wasn't too long and they were all grouped together. I was back on the road in plenty of time to reach home and clean up our bedding before Sasha's piano lesson started. Would have looked pretty silly for Sasha and her teacher to see a bed on the living room floor.
We have a group going to Branson, MO in September and we are all going to see Noah's Ark. Mark still needed a ticket as he didn't agree to go until much later and today that job was accomplished. We were able to get a ticket, not just in the same row but the very next seat. Still we had to pay for that privilege just to call it in cost an extra $5.00 on top of the regular price. His ticket has been emailed and all we have to do is print it out before leaving. NOTE TO SELF: REMEMBER THE TICKET!

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