Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Studio Plus

Way after work, around 7:30pm we left for Earth City, MO for a training class that starts tomorrow morning at 8:00am. We thought of using priceline to find a cheap hotel but the cheapest place was $45.00 plus all the taxes and priceline fees added. The one good thing about priceline's website is it gave us different hotels in the area. We looked up phone numbers and started calling hotels directly and asking if they would meet pricelines prices. The Studio Plus gave us the room for $44.00 plus tax making the total price $52.70 so we booked and headed down. God put on an amazing show for us almost the entire drive down. Lightning flashes from the east to the west, just beautiful! Still the drive down seemed to take forever as we were both very tired from our interrupted sleep the night before. We pulled in at 10:30pm, it took over 15 minutes to check in as we were 3rd in line, then found out our room fee didn't include internet which cost $4.95 extra. Basically we just crashed once finally in the spacious room that has an attached kitchen with a full size fridge, stove and coffee maker. My only complaint was the room seemed kind of dingy (spoiled, spoiled, spoiled)any way the bed was comfortable.
This morning there was just one small package of coffee making ONLY 2 cups of coffee and I had to share one of the cups with Mark. Why is he here anyway if he's going to drink MY coffee? OH YES, we are here for HIS classes. Waffle House was less then 5 minutes away so I had my coffee for the day while we enjoyed breakfast at 6:30am.
While Mark is in class, I get to just relax so brought 3 books. I'm reading The Liberty Bell series by Gilbert Morris and thoroughly enjoying them. Amazing how much we can learn about our revolutionary war by reading fiction.

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