Monday, August 16, 2010

Ylse's Filly

After church Rhoda and I drove to Sams, picked up steak for dinner then headed to the farm with the video camera. Rhoda bought a diet coke and I shared it with her, bad mistake. The caffeine kept me tossing and turning, finally got up to post this.
Mike & Diane, Phil & Anna, Ben & Taunya along with Addyson, Sarah, Rhoda, Mark and I had the best steak dinner we have had in a long time. The steak was black angus prime, so juicy and almost fork tender covered with buttered sauteed mushrooms, a lettuce salad with all the fixens including real blue cheese crumbles and home grown tomatoes from Diane's garden, Amish made potato salad, cold macaroni salad, stove top stuffing, then cookies and ice cream for desert, hmmmm.
Today was glorious weather, in the 80s with low humidity and finally pleasant to be outside. So Rhoda hopped on Ylse and off we went through the fields taping.
Ylse's filly born on the 4th of July has a trot that won't quit. She lifts her knees so high and moves out. She also enjoys swimming so of course that had to be included on this video. Who ever buys this filly is going to get something special. She has PRESENCE!

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  1. Judy, Being around your horses all the time has me desensitized to their sheer beauty and majesty so it's hard for me to look at them and think they are very special. Well, for this one that is not the case. This filly looks so good, even I was shocked.