Sunday, August 8, 2010

Blessed Sunday

Morning church was so emotional, David Obergfel talked about the vessels of oil the widow lady poured. How when she was asked what she had in the house she at first said nothing... except a little oil so she was told to borrow vessels and not a few. Then David told us how he preached on the story in Prescott AZ on Sunday then lived it that next week. His wife Kathy got terribly sick and had to go into the hospital and at first he thought he had nothing, then he pulled out his cell phone and said, this is all I had. He made calls for prayers and how there were prayers that went out and not a few. It was a sermon not many will forget. Many tears from the congregation and David.
After church we invited ourselves to mom's for a potluck. Each was to bring something to grill and by the time everyone got to mom's the amount of food was phenomenal. We finished up with ice cream cones. Most of us went swimming across the lake while Rhoda and Monica saddled up Jenis and Ylse and took off for a trail ride. They came up the hill to the lake so Rhoda asked Jenis to go in and Ylse's filly followed her and jumped in the lake and went swimming. Only then did Ylse go in. It was funny to see them swimming in the big lake. The filly is a good little swimmer.
Mark and I got ready to take Nancy home when the next group of horses went through.

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