Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ylse's Out Girls RETREAT

Breakfast was started around 7:00am for 25 people. Rachel Sauder took the picture above and I promised to have breakfast ready for them at 9:00am. At 8:00am everything was loaded into the car and driven out to mom's for the final preparation of heating the biscuits and cinnamon rolls. Some of the girls were slow rolling out of their sleeping bags, still everything was nice and hot.
Once breakfast was over, Karin and Rhoda drove over to the farm to start tacking up horses for the trail rides schedule at 10:30am, they are using 7 horses and will need to take multiple trips out, good thing it is cool today.

Samantha was given the last of her Panacure power pack and Ylse was started on one. The power pak is a double dose of Panacure for 5 days and is suppose to get rid of the encysted parasites. Ylse was led over to Raven and she is no longer in season. I didn't get her covered yesterday just didn't take the time thinking this morning would be fine. Raven's semen is easily viable for 48-70 hours but I don't like to take any chance.
We had almost an inch of rain last night which flooded Raven's paddock after all the work done yesterday to smooth it out, kind of discouraging. I so want the place to look nice tomorrow for the horse show.
The farmer showed up to start moving hay bales which meant the skid steer could not be power washed until he was done with it. This gave me time to drive home to put away the left overs and clean up the kitchen. While working Ray Sargent came over and wanted to show us some land he wants to trade. He wants a 200 amp service to his rental house, he wants a new furnace and air conditioner, he wants us to build the driveway making it 8 inches deep of concrete, taking out the trees and moving all the dirt to his upper property. Ray and dad traded some land years back, Ray took his share, dad did not and Ray was telling us that we waited too long and that property is no longer ours but out of the goodness of his heart he will let us have the 16 foot strip instead of the land dad traded for as long as we do all the rest. Some how it seems like a bad idea.
Mark and I will be heading back to the farm to finish clean up soon.

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