Monday, January 7, 2019

Tara and Jay's Baby is Born

We got news this afternoon at 4:29 pm Tara gave birth to a baby boy.  Jay missed the birth by 5 minutes. She was not even there an hour before the baby was born. He weighed in at a whopping 9 pounds 4 ounces and is 20 inches long.
They named him Timothy Jay. Congratulations Tara and Jay and of course the grandparents Spark and Rhonda.  His 4 sisters and 2 brothers are anxious to meet him.
We awoke to rain and the rain continued all morning which meant no walk today.  The far weanling paddock needed a new round bale but because of all the rain and mud this winter season the foals have been staying in the shelter and the manure build up had to be cleaned out before adding another bale. Those three weanlings were put in a stall and fed there. As soon as the horses were fed I took a trip in to Peoria and stopped first at Aldi to buy the ingredients needed for the cheeseburger soup recipe I wanted to make for the Berean meal tomorrow. I arrived just as it opened at 9:00 am got the ingredients and made a quick trip to Kroger to order the chicken for Wednesday's meal. Ellen dropped off the Berean mail at Meisters and shocked Mark. He called just as I was checking out to tell me there were THREE full boxes of mail.  Luckily Meisters is on the way home so those boxes were picked up and just to ease everybody's mind there is really only ONE FULL box of mail, the other two boxes were returned Bibles.  We are really going to be busy tomorrow. Sure hope we have a good crew show up. I was home by 10:00 and had the soup finished by 11:30 am. I took some over to mom's for her lunch then went to work. The rain had stopped and the thermometer was reading 56 degrees outside.  The skid steer was used to clean the shelter out then the bucket dropped and the bale spear put on and a round bale moved. After dropping the bales spear I was walking back and noticed Evan also needed a new bale but by this time I was exhausted so decided to wait until Mark got home for that bale.  Tom and Tim Meister arrived after they got off work to install our new hot water spicket in the stall barn. They left just as Mark pulled up so we both went to try out the hot water.  While there Mark put the bale spear back on the skid steer and moved one bale that had mold on it out then brought the one for Evan's paddock over and together we got that job done.  He walked the net wrap over to the dumpster while I heated up supper.
One interesting thing happened today. I had a phone call from a man from Ireland. He is in Illinois and brought over one of his Gypsy Vanner studs. This is a coming 3 year old palomino and he would like to bring it to the IL Horse Fair. He wants to show him in the stallion parade but also would like to do a Gypsy demo and wanted to know If I would be willing to bring our new Gypsy mare Irish and join him in the breed demo.  My problem with that is we are already taking 8 horses and were only taking the two 4 horse trailers. We would need to stuff her in one of them plus she doesn't' do anything yet. She hardly knows how to lead. I'll have to pray about that request.
It actually hit 62 degrees today which made working outside much easier than our usual January weather.  This warm spell is not going to last though by Wednesday we will be back to normal with below freezing temperatures.
Sarah sold\her little male puppy Wonka and has someone coming to look at Skittles the only puppy still left for sale. Below is Wonka who will be leaving for his new home at 8 weeks of age.

Skittles is adorable, fat and friendly she is the grandchildren's favorite. She is a dark red color and has such a sweet personality.  

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