Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Beautiful Boys

The man that bought Caspian and Capricho from us 2 years ago sent the pictures below. These colts are just gorgeous and the owner is so very thrilled.
 Above and below is Caspian who is out of Ayanna by Evan. 
Caspian is 75% Friesian and Capricho is 50% Friesian and yet both look like their sires. When people see his beautiful boys they will want to know exactly where they came from so we are thrilled when he shares the pictures.  We always knew we were putting out quality and it is nice when we get to see the results years down the road. Both of these colts left when they were weaned and the pictures below were taken before their long trip East.
  Above is Caspian and the next two below are of Capricho, first as a weanling before leaving and then the picture taken today and sent by his owner as a 2 year old. 
My my my have they ever matured. We always knew Caspian was gorgeous but had no idea Capricho would turn out so amazing. This is one of the reasons I love this job. Sheena is bred back to Valiant and due May 27th. If you are interested in a quality Friesian cross this year you may want to keep an eye on our website. They get snatched up pretty quickly once born.  Our prices are always fair for the amazing quality our stallions throw.  Just for reference Capricho was sold as a weanling for $4000.00 and now he is worth many thousands! But the problem is once someone owns one, they do not resale, they keep them.  I had one owner tell me before she bred her mare that the foal was going to be named Trailer as they needed a new trailer and they were for sure going to sell this baby but when the foal was born they just couldn't do it explaining to me, "we could never afford to buy something of this quality so we are going to keep him"
We had an overcast damp cold morning for our walk. It was good to be back into that routine. The dogs miss the walk almost as much as we do. After the walk I had to run to Diane's office then to the bank to deposit checks.  The waterers were all open this morning and this afternoon even though it didn't get much above freezing all day.  

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