Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Fedi Walks

Fedi surprised us by joining us on the walk this morning. 
He brought along his trusty walking stick so he and mom had to compare sticks. Fedi's won in all categories. 
He can pull the head off of his and attached to that ornate dog head was a long sharp knife or really more of a sword. We sure didn't have to worry about any wild animals attacking us on this walk.  
Right after the walk I had to go in to Peoria to fill 2 empty propane tanks which went well until I started driving to Meister's. The smell of leaking propane made me feel really nauseated.  I drove back to the company that filled them, told them they were leaking, they brought them inside, did something then brought them back to the car and all was good but in my mind the smell lingered.  The other reason I had to drive in to Peoria was to deposit a few checks for the land trust. Mike left this morning to haul more hay out to Middle Grove. He didn't get done with that until close to 1:00 pm.  We still have 25 more bales reserved and mostly paid for being stored in Princeville. We determined that next year the hay will be either on the property or close by. No more hauling from so far away. This hay is really good and stored inside so there has been no waste but it just takes too long to take them to Middle Grove. 
As soon as I got back a bale was moved into Ribbon's old paddock for Ayanna, Rosalie and Indy.  Tomorrow I may need to move another bale into the far paddock. I would like to get all the paddocks situated before the deep freeze hits on Sunday.
Karin arrived after work and brought three mares inside. Indy was the first mare worked. 
 She is such a sweet mare and use to be our tallest Friesian mare until Rosalie kept growing and growing and growing. Rosalie will be 6 years old Feb 18th. Rosalie is the mare in the middle. Karin decided to work her next. Indy is on the left of Rosalie and Ayanna is on the right. 
 Ayanna was laughing at Rosalie and thinking, "ha ha you have to do more of those boring circles." But more than likely was really just letting out some of her worry cup with big yawns as her turn would be coming up next. 

 Indy and Ayanna look like they have been smoking. We use to call Ayanna and Rosalie the thugs of the herd as those sisters were big and bossy just like their mom Lily. Hope that thug mentality doesn't rub off on sweet Indy. Smoking isn't good for anybody and especially not horses. I really don't know where they were hiding the cigarettes though so perhaps they were just vaping.
 When Karin finished with Rosalie she had a good roll then got up, shook off all the sand and,

 then let out a big yawn. 
 Check out her pearly whites. 
 Ayanna was the last mare worked today. 
 All was going well when an avalanche of snow started sliding off the left side of the roof of the barn. Those three mares took off at a gallop for the right side of the barn. Thankfully Karin grabbed mane.  She had to convince them all it was fine. 
They settled down and Karin was able to finish the training session without any other drama.  At that point I was still feeling pretty sick, pulled the tractor back into the barn and headed down to the house and went right to bed sleeping until after Mark got home.  We listened to church on line today.  
Joan used the Kubota to clear drives today. Mom had the first of her dentist appointments to get her tooth implant. We are expecting less than an inch of snow tonight with ice on top. 

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