Sunday, January 27, 2019

Magic Man

It was again below zero when we awoke and I just didn't want to go outside to check waterers. Mark not only did that, he also checked our two propane tanks then walked over to mom's and checked hers. All the waterers were open and all the propane tanks are more than half full.  He was gone so long I was worried we would be late for church but made it with a good 10 minutes to spare.  Mike Kaisner had the morning service at church. At lunch a very nice message came in with pictures and some videos from a lady I didn't know. This is what she wrote: So I just had to share this with you. I've been following your page and drooling over your foals for quite some time now. Don't have room for a foal at the moment so we recently bought a Friesian tb cross gelding. He is the most amazing horse, awesome temperament, gorgeous movement. We lucked out so much with him. I just finally sat down to go through his pedigree today and just about fell out of my chair when I found out he was Ravens son! No wonder he's so awesome ❤

I had to wait until we got home from church to find out who this could be. It turned out to be Magic Man. He is out of a Jockey club registered Thoroughbred mare that was owned by Jeanie Kapraun.  The mare had cut her leg quite badly and couldn't be ridden until she healed up so Jeanie decided she may as well raise a foal while she waited for the healing.  The colt was born July 6th, 2004 and isn't he amazing!  Megan his owner was kind enough to let me share the pictures and video here.  I am so thankful for these updates.
We had haystacks for dinner tonight and shared the meal with Nolan, Sarah, Zion,Phil, Anna, Braelyn, Taegan, and Kensley.
Mark took the small Kubota out after church and spread more sand but we don't know how this will work by tomorrow morning. Snow is moving in tonight and then tomorrow suppose to turn to rain.  I'm meeting the farmer with the tractor tomorrow around 4:30 pm to move bales in for the horses at Middle Grove. We want to move a bunch down to either side of the creek so they can eat out of the wind. Monday isn't going to be too bad, Tuesday morning early it drops below zero but is sunny and makes it into single digits. Wednesday the forecast is actually scary. The high for the day is only predicted to be -12 with the low -22 and the wind chills -30 to -40. If we can just make it through Tuesday and Wednesday a warm up is going to follow.

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