Sunday, January 20, 2019

TWO Engagement Announcements!

FINALLY!  Last Thursday when Ruth invited us all over supposedly to welcome Fedi home from the hospital she served LASAGNA! We all had a pretty good idea there was going to be an announcement and when Anni walked in with Matt Ricketts it took just a few seconds to realize THIS was the happy couple.
 Mom burst out crying exclaiming, "oh I hoped it would be Matt!"  Below she is giving the couple her blessing. 
We couldn't wait for Sunday to come and the announcement to be made in Peoria church and then came the snow storm and the heat failing at church. When church was canceled we all groaned. They would just have to wait another week.  Well Friday evening Rachel walked in the garage door at mom's announcing, "we have some left over lasagna for you." Mom didn't think anything of that as Rachel often brings food over but when Jessica walked in the front door with a MAN... mom finally figured it out. Thankfully this time there was no delay and today in church Tim Funk announced BOTH sets of engagements.  As Rachel didn't have time to put on a family surprise lasagna dinner she sent out a family email with the subject line stating "No time for Lasagna" and then posted this:
WE ARE SO VERY HAPPY for both of these couples! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

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