Sunday, January 6, 2019

World Famous

Church is always something we look forward to and not just because of the lunch.  This morning Greg Rumbold had the service. He wasn't here last Sunday afternoon when Craig spoke and had no idea of what Craig spoke on, but  believe it or not spoke on the very same chapter in Ephesians and even high lighted the very same verse of redeeming our time.  I think God is telling me something. In the Bible when it says Verily Verily TWICE pay attention.  Yes I was convicted and will make a concerted effort to redeem my time left here better.  Tim Roecker had the afternoon service.
After church we went to Phil and Anna's for dinner and were joined by David, Stephanie, Israel and Elisabet.  Israel went right out to play but Elisabet joined Taegan on writing.
After dinner we left for the fellowship hall for hymn sing where the 'world' famous Mortonaires were going to perform.  I say 'world' famous but probably mean AC world famous.  This group has been singing together since I was a child. I still remember my dad laying by the fire place at Pleasant home listening to their record.  The singing was just gorgeous. The arrangement of Jesus Paid It All was beautiful and so meaningful. The song Poor Man Lazarus was one I'd never heard and marveled at the quick timing.  The last song sang was Rise Up O Men of God. They sang 3 or 4 more but sat down way to quickly. 
There is just something special listening to an all men's group singing praises.  After the singing of course there were drinks and snacks. It wouldn't be an AC function without food! What a blessed wonderful restful Sunday.

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