Friday, January 4, 2019

Puppy Pictures and Video

This morning poor Diane had to do 3 months work to balance the Horsemeister checkbook and I helped. Actually I can't really claim that work, I was much more of a hindrance for her but she got it done.  Sarah arrived with Zion and the puppies shortly after I got home. The puppies had their second vet examine today and the vet gave them their first set of shots. All of the puppies passed their exam with flying colors. They are all fat and healthy. Arrieta is a good mom but now that they are 6 weeks old she is spending more of her time away from them than with them. They are adorable below is almost 4 and a half minutes of puppies playing.

They were very curious about Emma and not at all afraid of her. They have been well socialized and do not know a stranger, even a big old scary dog.

If you would like to see the rest of the puppy pictures taken today click HERE. Sarah loaded them all up and took them to Malabar Vet clinic today where each puppy was examined and given the first set of shots.  All of the puppies passed this exam with flying colors. The only female, the dark red puppy, weighs in at 5 pounds and both of her brothers were 4 pounds each. After Sarah left it wasn't very long before Tom and Tim Meister showed up for a plumbing job we want done. We are going to be putting hot water hydrant in the stall barn. They looked over the job got the material list and will be here on Monday to do it. It will be wonderful to have hot water available in the barns.  Trying to clean up a foal in the winter is awful and for the big tail washing day before the horse fair will be much easier with hot water available on demand. 
Fedi had exploratory surgery today and they found 2 big pockets of pus that was drained. He is feeling better but has tubes in to help with the healing. They are thankful for the prayers and hope he will be ready to come home on Sunday. 
Mom had company today. Uncle Johnny and Aunt MaryLou came from Detroit, MI in time for dinner and then to spend the night. They are traveling to Arizona for the winter. 
Uncle Johnny is mom's younger brother and we well remember him coming from New Jersey to visit us when we were children. The entire neighborhood showed up after supper to visit with them.  Mom served us all ice cream and then when we were ready to leave she brought out a carton of icecream that had been in her freezer since well before Christmas telling me, "this was yours from one of your dinners. There isn't much left but I want you to take it home."  I walked out her door with the carton, then opened it before getting into the car.  It wasn't just ice cream mom had been storing in her freezer for a couple months.
I was taking Rhonda home at the time and we both just started laughing.  Rhonda told me that wasn't near as bad as what Kari did to Becky.  They were out visiting Becky when Noel was a toddler. Noel messed her diaper, Kari changed her and there was an empty cereal box on the counter. Kari put the dirty diaper in the cereal box and closed it up but just as she was ready to throw it in the garbage Noel took off with Kari scrambling to catch up. Meanwhile Becky walked into the kitchen saw the cereal box on the counter and put it in the cupboard. Kari came back to throw the box away she saw the box gone and just assumed someone threw it away.  It wasn't long before Becky kept smelling something awful in her kitchen but just couldn't figure out where it was coming from.  
Below is a video of one of Eliza's fillies by Valiant.  It was posted on Facebook so I grabbed it to share. Our Friesian foals really do love people and can get quite demanding.

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