Thursday, January 10, 2019

Welcome Back Fedi

I left right after the walk for the Berean office where the 140 Bible requests were filled finishing there around 11:00 am. I went straight home as the bales really needed to be put in different paddocks. Ribbon's old paddock got a bale, the paddock next to Evan's got a new bale, the breeding shed paddock got a new bale and another bale was moved out and put in the discard pile as it smelled like mold.  This kept me busy most of the afternoon.  When Karin arrived we moved the Gypsy mare into the breeding shed with Jenis as they can both use grain. The 3 younger weanlings were put in the paddock next to Evan leaving the 3 older weanlings in the far paddock. The fatties, Indy, Rosalie and Ayanna were put in Ribbon's old paddock and that left Anna and Oksana in the middle paddock.  The first three mares brought in for work were Rosalie, Ayanna and Oksana. The first mare worked with was Oksana.

 Above Karin is working with Oksana and below she is riding Rosalie.

Rosalie is such a fun ride for Karin. She has a very balanced canter and Karin usually as a big smile plastered on her face when riding her.
The last mare in this set of three to be worked with was Ayanna. This is a very talented mare with huge movement. 
 Those three were taken out to their paddocks and the next three brought in.  Left to right is Anna, Jenis and Indy. 
 Below Karin is cantering Jenis.
 Indy was the next mare worked in this group.

 Anna was last and Karin does not expect Anna to canter. Anna is due in April and already looking pretty pregnant. 
 Those 3 were taken out and Galena and Valiant brought in. Galena dropped right to the ground for a good roll in the sand. 

 Valiant was worked with first. He is another really fun ride. 
 Galena was the last horse worked today. 
 After working 8 horses Karin went over to help mom put away her Christmas decorations before we all headed over to Ruth and Fedi's house for Fedi's welcome home party.  He has spent 19 days in the hospital missing both Christmas and New Years parties. We all wanted to Welcome him back .
 The party was fun.
 Spark walked in at the perfect time and had the prayer for the food. 
 Below is the food line. Ruth had a lot of tables set up and most everyone were able to find a place to sit to eat. 
 After supper, Steven let the kids hold his pet snake. Below Berlica is amazed at how heavy the snake is. 
 Braelyn got a chance to hold him also. 
 Drake was next in line, Taegan really wanted to hold the snake but just wasn't quite brave enough. 
 Lots of kids all got a chance including Israel but I didn't get those pictures I was busy visiting . Below are a few pictures of the evening. 

A big thankyou to Ruth and Fedi for hosting a very fun evening. We all had a great time.

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