Thursday, January 3, 2019

Pray For Fedi

Mike had to get a load of hay today for Middle Grove and ended up ordering 25 more bales.
We had 50 extra reserved but the horses at Middle Grove are going through 5 bales a week. If we have snow that jumps to 6 bales a week and we need enough to get through to the end of March. I should have plenty here if the bales are good. We purchased 48 bales that may or may not be molding. I haven't been able to check as our bales were put in front of them. If we can't use those we will be very short here.
Zalena's colt had a vet appointment at 8:30 am at the vet clinic. I went on the walk and when we reached the trailer Diane and mom helped load but when he was put in the trailer the door wouldn't latch. There was frozen manure stopping the door from closing all the way. It took a while to get that frozen solid manure chipped off and out but still made it to the clinic by 8:20 am. I had to wait until 8:50 for a vet to arrived.  There was a mistake in the scheduling.  Dr. Hoerr arrived and pulled the blood and we were back on the  way home shortly after 9:00 am.  This colt is getting picked up for his new home on Saturday. He is pictured the morning of his birth with Braelyn our grand daughter who is thrilled to be 'working' here at the farm. She even has the Horsemeister t shirt.
The colt will be living in Wisconsin and that state has the rule that the Coggins test is calendar year.
Ruth called mom and reported they did a CT scan on Fedi and have him scheduled for surgery tomorrow. He has a pocket of infection and that needs to be cleaned out plus I think they are going to do some exploring to make sure there are no other problems.  Fedi had his colon removed on December 19th and the initial surgery went well but the healing has not.  We are asking for prayers for Fedi for healing. Right now he is ok as long as he is on very strong IV pain medication but as soon as that wears off the pain is awful.

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