Friday, January 25, 2019

Frozen waterers

-5 this morning and mom cancelled the walk. Yesterday the ice was too hard and too slippery so she knew today would be miserable.  We had 3 frozen waterers this today. Mike put  heat lamps in them and was able to get one working, the other 2 I got with the hair dryer. Mike went to Middle Grove to move in bales and the tractor wouldn't start. Winter sure makes things hard.  Rhoda came and brought Iris out but didn't stay for supper as we were getting snow again on top of the foot of snow then the ice and now more snow on top.

It is a beautiful light fluffy snow but so very dangerous. Hannah went off the road again, called her mom but just then a guy in a pickup truck pulled up with a rope and pulled her out. Mark picked up his new trailer today but when he got back wasn't able to take it off the truck. We think water got in and it is frozen. We will need to work on that tomorrow.  Everyone out this way met at mom's house for dinner tonight. We had a good group come. Even Brian and Rebekah all the way from Carlock. (they were probably over visiting with Ruth and Fedi) made it. Spark and Rhonda cancelled as Kari and Brett came to visit them.
 See that white in the window behind peering in at Jordan and Riley. That is mom's snow man who is longing to join us.  With the wind, it sounds like he is knocking on the windows and doors asking to come in and each time the door is opened we feel his chilling presence. 
 Diane and Mike are taking care of Cocoa this week while Andrew and Rachel are in Florida.  Cocoa loves to come to mom's as she gets treats but below, even though Diane had her groomed today, she is looking like a thug with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth.
Rachel had dinner then slipped out with the dessert leaving us only apple pie and brownies. (Really these cupcakes were for the night of Worship which is tomorrow night at the Hanna City Gym. 
 The Night of Worship starts at 6:30 pm and the first group up is Carly Hoerr's group. We had to eat in shifts tonight feeding everyone as they came in. Below the first group has finished and the second is getting ready to eat. The last couple to arrive was Anni and Matt.
 Braelyn, Kensley and Taegan had fun playing with Joan's children and Rebekah's children. Those two groups left earlier and these 3 were left to entertain themselves. They are good at that. 
When we came out of mom's house at 9:00 pm there was such a beautiful light fluffy 3 inches of snow glistening and sparkling from the light above mom's garage. This snow covered the ice on the drives making it even more slippery. Slip sliding along I made it home.  

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