Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Surprise Filly

Jury was teased and covered early this morning. She is going out though and did not stand very well. Thankfully Valiant got the job done.  Rosalie was teased but she does not show at all. I will have to see about getting an ultrasound on her. Brandee's mare Lilly is not yet showing.  We had a couple of funny things happen this morning on the walk. This is typical of living in a country town. Hannah sent a text to her mom that a lady just hit a deer by the water tower. Joan sent back a text asking if it was edible. Hannah replied, "The lady that hit it is disappointed, it did damage but is too small to butcher, not enough meat on this one." Mom stated she was worried about her balance lately. She was looking at pogo sticks and mentioned that she does not think she could balance one anymore.  Should we be concerned? Not about mom's balance but the fact that she was LOOKING at pogo sticks at 86 years of age.
We had a good morning at the Berean office and not a lot of mail so were able to get both today and tomorrow's work done.  I was glad because Missy is waxing
and I had left her out in a paddock the weather was so nice. I rushed home, and changed within a minute was on the golf cart heading to the barn to check. Missy was fine but the big surprise was Foxy. She had a delivered a pretty bay filly out in the round pen. It was a perfect morning for the delivery.  When I arrived the filly was already up and nursing well but was still a little damp. She was no more than an hour old so probably born around 11:15 am. They were taken into a stall and the placenta cleaned up out of the round pen then pictures taken.

Rhoda and Sarah arrived this afternoon with baby Zion. Always fun to play with her. 

I wanted to get some updated pictures today of Hadassah's filly for her owner so the girls came out to help with that. Her owner has named her A Dreamy Ellagance, Ella for short. We brought Hadassah and Ella into a stall, put a halter on Ella, tied her and picked up all 4 hooves. Rhoda was impressed with how well behaved she was. We then took her outside for a few pictures of her tied and Rhoda picking up a hoof.

Pretty impressive, Rhoda is 7 months pregnant and can still bend down enough to pick up a hoof. I'm not sure I could have done that.
We let her go in the arena for some action shots.

If you would like to see the rest of her pictures click HERE. Emily arrived, her cow Goldie had just delivered another calf. We had to go in the barn to show her Foxy's filly. Foxy was a little more protective than I would like to see. She threatened Rhoda with pinned ears. We cannot let that continue. 

Zion saw Emily and reached for her face.
 When she caught her she was so pleased.
Rhoda and Emily brought Star and her colt in for the night. Sarah filled water buckets and cleaned the indoor arena. Rhoda took the golf cart over to mom's to trim Molly's toenails then Rhoda, Sarah, Zion, mom and I went to Good Tequila's in Bartonville for a delicious dinner. Mark spent the evening cleaning up the 12 passenger Chevy van. We are going to list it for sale. It is a G3500 Chevy Express 2014 with 80,000 miles. We are going to list it for $16,900. This is complete with towing package and newer tires. I'll get pictures tomorrow in the daylight. 

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