Friday, April 27, 2018

Sheena's Loss

I was walking over to the cabin field before our walk this morning to check on Sheena and Jewel when Mike called to report there was something wrong with Sheena. She wasn't eating her grain and she had blood coming out and was rolling.  We took her right over to the stall barn believing she must be in labor and the foal was positioned wrong. Dr. Hoerr was called. Sheena was very upset in the barn by herself. Diane agreed to wait with Sheena watching while Mike and I went back to the cabin field to get Jewel and Easter Bonnet. Easter Bonnet's owner was picking her up this morning. Sheena settled down a bit when Jewel arrived, it looked like she was having contractions but nothing to show for them but blood. Dr. Hoerr arrived in his 'cool bus'.
It didn't take him long to tell us, "you need to go back to the field and start looking for a foal, there is nothing in the uterus but placenta."  Mike took his truck and I took the golf cart over and unfortunately we found the foal. It was a dead big all black beautiful filly. Pretty sure the filly was still born as there was no sign of struggle at all. There was blood, the birthing sack and some of the placenta. The other part of the placenta was still inside which was causing the bleeding. Dr. Hoerr was able to remove the rest of the placenta and give Sheena enough drugs to make her comfortable.  Below is after the placenta was removed. Notice the red straw all over the stall. This mare was in a heap of trouble before the vet arrived.
We are very very grateful Dr. Hoerr came right away.  While all of this was going on, Anna dropped off the 3 girls and Easter Bonnet's owner arrived to take her home. She was well behaved and walked right into the trailer for them. We were sad to see her leave but she is getting a great home and the owner will keep us updated.
After they pulled away Mike took the skid steer over to the cabin field to pick up the dead filly to bury her.  Sarah arrived to help with the girls while all of this was going on.  Once Dr. Hoerr left and things settled down the craft supplies were brought out on the patio. The sun was warm and the patio was the perfect place to color beautiful pictures. 

 Even Zion enjoyed the patio.
Sarah took them to the playground while I moved mares, cleaned up the stalls, teased Brandee's mare Lilly and got her covered with Valiant then I joined them.  Rhoda arrived to help too. 

 We have the best climbing trees at the playground. Below Braelyn is pretty high up. 

 Taegan also climbed the tree. 
 Zion likes the dogs, below Emma is getting some attention from Zion. 
 Ruby also wanted attention from Zion. 
 The volley ball court is the perfect sandbox for the girls. 
 Next we played on the swings. All 4 grand daughters enjoyed the swings. 

 Kensely almost fell asleep in the swing. 
 Ruby also enjoyed the playground today. 
We left the playground around 1:00 pm and went back to the patio to rest. This afternoon Rhoda helped tease Ayanna but still no sign of her in season. I think I must have missed her foal heat with being too busy with mares delivering.  It was a hard morning for poor Sheena, but she is going to be fine.


  1. Oh poor Sheena and her filly! Do you have any idea why it happened? I'm glad she will be OK, but how tragic! 😢