Friday, April 6, 2018

Marika Has a Colt

Marika gave birth at 8:00 this evening. She was standing when I saw the first hoof coming through, exactly what I wanted to see. When Marika laid down, this time it looked like this may be a red bag birth. Very very scary. See the red ball below. That is caused by a premature separation of the placenta prior to or during the foaling, If this is presented first the foal can easily suffocate during the delivery. In Marika's case it was only partial.
 The next push that red bag went back in and the two hooves came out followed by the head. At that point I knew all was well. 
 At this point I put the camera down and helped her by pulling on the legs until the head and shoulders were delivered. 
 Below is the thick cord which is still attached and one of his front hooves. Notice the soft lining on the hoof. This is called foal slippers. 
 Below Marika is meeting her new son.

 Amy brought over Sarah and Livie to meet him. They helped get him all dried off.

He is a strong colt and stood fairly quickly.
Amy, Sarah and Livy are staying for a bit keeping an eye on them. I'm heading up to the house to shower and get a GOOD night's sleep for the first time in 5 days. So thankful all is well with Marika and her handsome new colt by Evan.

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