Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Another Busy Day Another Daughter Comes to Help

Mom had her eye doctor appointment at 8:20 am so we only walked one round.  That appointment went well but mom was given instructions to pick up another eye drop to join the 2 she is giving and this one was for swelling. It is no longer a presecription, just over the counter and were told we could buy the generic brand which mom did but she had a fit over the cost. This is just 5% saline solution and this very tiny bottle cost $22.51. She bought it but then got on line and got the recipe for it. She considered this to be highway robbery.
Sarah was here when we got home and was already at work. I really thank God for my two daughters. They see a need and just fill it. She brought with her baby Zion and what a doll this grand daughter is. She is sitting up by herself now and just a happy baby.

 Sarah had gone out to the car to get a diaper and when she came opened the door to come in Zion gave her a big happy smile. 
I really needed Sarah outside today. I needed to get a bale moved in for Evan. Then I knew a lady is flying in from California who wants to see updated pictures of Easter Bonnet before she comes, and this filly needed to be cleaned up first before I could ask Sarah to help with pictures of her.  I also wanted to get Soul and her brand new colt outside for some pictures for the website. We did him first. He may not gray, now that I see him in the daylight he looks to be a dark bay. He is about 14 hours old in these pictures.

Galena and her colt were taken out to the round pen where they spent most of this beautiful day. He was playing with the tarp again. I took a few pictures for his owner. 

Easter Bonnet was taken out of the foal paddock and over to the wash rack. It was a warm 60 degree day, warm enough to run the hose on her legs to get the mud off.  Sarah is  hosing her off while I took the picture. 
 We took a few conformation shots for Deb, the lady flying in. 

Sarah cleaned the stalls today while I worked on moving the carts out of the breeding shed. We still need to move the manure spreader out of there before Sunday. I need that paddock. As I was walking back and forth from the shed to the barn I noticed Anna's colt Luka making himself comfortable in the hay.  I will need to move in a new round bale tomorrow for this shelter. 
 Emily arrived to work with Valiant. 

I can't wait to get him back on his pasture.  He needs to be able to run. The farrier is coming tomorrow to trim his hooves. As soon as she was done working him, we teased Anna who showed well. I held Anna while Emily brought Valiant over to cover her. He was perfectly behaved which is amazing for his first cover of the year.  Lily and Lola are also in and Lilly, Brandee's mare may be coming in. All of these mares will be for Valiant so I may need to get Dr. Hoerr out to ultrasound to see which mare should be covered when. 
I ended up moving Galena and her colt along with Soul and her colt in the indoor arena for the night as Ayanna is now waxing. Soul's stall was stripped and sprayed down with bleach, new bedding added and Ayanna brought inside. Mark got the manure pile moved with the skid steer. 
We had to push it to get ready for church tonight. Craig Stickling had the service and read about Joseph. What a story of a family redemption.  

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