Monday, April 2, 2018

Morning Silver

I waited until it was light enough to see before heading out to the barn. The moon was still up and bright on this cold 13 degree snow covered landscape.
 The picture below was as taken when I went out to dump the first wheelbarrow load of manure from the stalls. 
 Each time I went outside a picture was taken
 It took 4 full wheelbarrow loads to get all the wet straw and manure out of the 3 stalls used last night.
 I think Galena's colt is SILVER! Which means at weaning he should end up with that so desired shiny coal black coat. 

 His coat is so thick and woolly, it was almost like he knew he would be born in a snow storm with the temperature dropping to 13 degrees.
The reason I think he will turn black is Star's 2017 filly Elsa was born the same color. At weaning she was that non fading shiny coal black. She is pictured below the morning of her birth only her picture is during daylight with the sun lighting up the barn, and the picture below that is of her at weaning.
Wouldn't this be amazing? Galena's colt will look like a Friesian on steroids with the mega hair of both the Gypsy and the Friesian. Talking about mega hair. Last night trying to wrap Galena's tail took TWO FULL rolls of vet wrap.
This colt IS for sale. If he would have been a she I don't know if we could have parted with her but because he is a he and we do not want any more stallions and a gelding has no place on a breeding farm,  we are going to let someone else have the opportunity for something special. His price is just $5500.00, he will be OVER 16.2.

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  1. He is gorgeous! Cannot wait to see him as he grows! Whoever purchases him will be blessed indeed! 😍🐴