Thursday, November 30, 2017

Farrier Visit

The farrier was scheduled to come this morning and Robin, from Berean came along to help. We brought Sangria, Serenity, Roxanne and Dublin into the stalls. Dublin and Serenity were haltered and tied first then Robin was given grooming tools and given the job of grooming. Below she is grooming Serenity.
At 2 months of age Serenity is getting tall. Behind Robin in the other stall is Dublin. Both foals were good for haltering and being tied. Chuck Milburn our farrier arrived shortly after 10:00 am. As he was coming to the stall area we stopped to admire Sally and Eli. Chuck had not heard about Eliza's death and both Chuck and Robin were impressed with how well Sally did as a foster mother to Eli. Below Robin is petting Sally.
Sangria was first for a trim. Her hooves weren't too bad and she didn't take very long. Below Chuck has just finished with her.
Roxanne was not so well behaved and I was not able to take any pictures of her getting trimmed as she needed to be held and reminded to stand still. Thankful Chuck was willing to take the time and get her done. Her colt stood tied quietly waiting, not at all as impatient as Serenity. It helped that he is 2 months older than her. 
After Chuck left Robin and I headed to lunch at the Hog Trough. The meals there are always good. Robin and I had a good visit before she left for the day.
Karin arrived after work and today she was kept busy. She only had a short amount of time and needed to work with 4 horses. We had an assembly line going to get them done before dark. First out was Jenis. She is working on walk canter departs with Jenis and today Jenis was getting them perfectly. Karin finished with her within 10 minutes. She is keeping the training short and sweet.

 Jenis is just so smart and very talented. 
 Next out was Zalena. With Zalena Karin is trying to teach her that she does not have to rush or be anxious as soon as she is mounted. 
 Studly loves it when Karin trains horses, he thinks he is helping. 
 Below Zalena is cantering with a loose rein and not at all anxious. 
 Next out was Indy and Envy. Karin took Indy in the barn to tack up but Envy decided she wanted to gallop around the area showing off to the other foals. 
 Below she is heading back to the paddock. This filly takes off with her tail flagged almost straight up when she is showing off. 
 Below Ebby and Studly are waiting for Karin to finish with Indy. Ebby wants to jump on the golf cart for a ride but Studly wants to play. 
 Below Karin is working with Indy on slowing down the canter and stopping quickly when asked. Indy loves to race and explodes into the canter and can take the bit and bolt. She is learning when Karin says whoa to stop. It is important for the mares to learn to go off voice along with the bit. 
 Below Envy is waiting to be put back in the paddock with Sangria and Serenity.
 The last mare worked was Rosalie. She is so huge she makes Karin look small. 
Rosalie is such a talented mare that Karin said it is easy to rush her training, but at only 4 years old it is important to keep things slow and sweet. Each of these 4 mares are so very different and yet all of them are Friesians, love people, love attention and want to please.
We had another beautiful day and the forecast for the next few days are looking great. Hard to believe tomorrow is December 1st.

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