Friday, November 24, 2017

Yesterday's Feast & Fun

I was just too tired yesterday to record our day but this morning is a new day and I am still thankful. Thanksgiving day started early, around 5:30 am to make the stuffing, stuff the turkey and get that in the oven before starting breakfast. We left for church just 2 minutes late but ended up in a terrible traffic jam on the drive to mom's house. Mom was trying to walk over (since we were two minutes late) but had to move off the road for Anni's car and then right behind Anni's car came Rhonda's car with a full load of grandchildren. Of course each car needed to stop and visit a bit. That's just what happens when you live in Meisterville. It didn't matter about being late, we still made it to church on time. Tim Funk had a wonderful Thanksgiving message. Tim read Psalm 107 and had us take note of verse 6 and verse 8 and notice how many times these two verses are repeated in this Psalm. We sang 236 out of the Hymn's of Zion but first Tim told us about the author of this hymn and how he was the only pastor in a city that was under siege. How this pastor had to perform up to 50 funerals a day including his wife and yet still wrote this hymn.
We needed to book it home as the turkey had to be taken out of the oven so the sweet potato casserole  and rest of the stuffing put in. While those two dishes were baking the turkey was sliced and the gravy made. Mark and I made it to Rhoda and Lee's place right at the 2:00 pm start time. Wow was there ever a plethora of delicious foods and desserts. Lee had the prayer and then shocked all the kids by announcing, "kids go first!" Why Joan's children did not know how to respond to such a strange request. In the Meister family kids ALWAYS go last.

After the big meal the kids all migrated to the pool while the adults sat around to digest and visit.
IF you would like to see the rest of the pictures click HERE
Rhoda brought over games for the adults and we ended up playing until quite late, not getting home from Bloomington until after 8:00 pm. We sure have much to be thankful for. Isn't it wonderful that our country still sets aside a day to Thank God for His son Jesus, His blessings, His provision and most of all the wonderful plan of salvation. What an amazing awesome God we serve. 

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