Sunday, November 12, 2017

Another Rainy November Day

It was raining this morning.  Mark still isn't feeling great so did not go to church today. He missed out on a really wonderful day. Tim Roecker had the morning service. The church was crowded with visitors and filled with happy voices at lunch. Craig Stickling had the afternoon service with the baptisms of Abram, Alex and Caleb after. It was still raining when it came time to leave for home and we drove home in the rain. This was a good day to go to mom's and play games. Karin picked up Nancy and we were joined by Ruth, Sarah, and Joan. Rhonda came over a little later bringing cat food. She and Spark are leaving again for Branson and we will feed the cats each morning on our walk.
Karin and I discussed the spring show and decided as Hannah Reinhard is not going to be riding we will not bring Galena. Hannah is in nursing school and works so feels like she will not be able to get the time off.

The good thing about not taking Galena is how long it takes to get all of her white markings clean. The bad thing about not taking Galena is she is just so impressive people love to come to the stalls to see her. It will make it easier, as we will only be taking 7 of the Friesians and 1 mini that looks just like a Friesian that has been dried too long and shrunk. The mini belongs to Amy Koch and we are incorporating her into the play for 2018. The Friesians going are Anna
and Zalena
Tomorrow morning we will plan on taking Galena, Rosaleigh, Anna and Easter Bonnet back to Middle Grove. We have Jenis and Rosalie to bring back but we don't need them back much before Thanksgiving so this will just be an easy trip out bringing no one back.  

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