Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Another Puppy Sold

I had to work late today and when I finally arrived home thought no one was here so took my time eating a late lunch and changing into warm clothes before heading up to the barn to get a few chores done. Imagine my surprise to find Rhoda hard at work. She parked her car up at the barn today and by the time I got out there had worked with every foal on the property and teased Foxy.
Rhoda reported Foxy did not show at all. Hoerr vet clinic was called and appointment made to take her in Thursday afternoon at 2:00 pm. She grained the mares then de-wormed the horses here with Ivermectin which will kill bots. I ordered 36 more de-wormers and still have 12 more Quest Plus which also takes care of bots but I don't consider safe with pregnant mares. I can only use that once the mare has delivered and before she is bred back. Rhoda wanted to take Rosaleigh on the trails today but needed an extra rider to go with her. We had to wait until Karin got off work and by that time there was probably less than an hour of daylight left. It sure is hard after the time change to get much of any riding done. They had a very successful ride. The dogs around here love to go on the trails with the horses.
 Above is Ruby following and below Ebby is leading the way. 

 Ebby loves to get a drink out of the first creek crossing. 
 I made them pose by the beautiful maple tree at the playground. 
 Braelyn came over after school to play with Ruby's puppies. 

Is there anything more adorable than grand daughters with puppies? Speaking of puppies Sarah sold another Cavapoo puppy this evening. She has only ONE puppy left from that litter and I think it is the prettiest puppy in the litter.

This little female Cavapoo is very sweet, playful and friendly. She is beautiful with her white and champagne colored silky coat. She deserves a home where she is treated like the princess she believes she IS. If interested in learning more about her please visit our website for more information by clicking HERE then look to the left and click on Puppies for Sale.  Sarah also has ONE puppy left for sale out of Arrieta's litter. The puppy available is a female Maltipoo. Tomorrow Sarah will bring Arrieta and her puppies here so I can get updated pictures. I'm thankful today that God IS in control around here.

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