Monday, November 27, 2017

62 In November

We just can't get over this amazing weather. We had another beautiful warm sunny day with the high hitting 62 degrees. Rhoda arrived to work horses and the first mare out today was Sangria. She has been off on her left hind ever since she got cast in the stall before delivering her filly in Sept and Rhoda wanted to do some chiropractor work on her. Sangria and Serenity were taken to the outdoor arena where of course Sangria has to roll before doing anything else.
 She has a good roll but then struggles to stand. While Rhoda was working with her moving each joint I snapped a few pictures of Serenity for her 2 month old album. 
 She is black under that brown foal coat. 

Hopefully Rhoda's treatment will help Sangria. Next out was Roxanne. Today Rhoda wanted to try cantering her for the very first time. That went well. We kind of expected Roxanne to kick or buck but she was perfect.
 Rhoda had her canter both directions a few times then quit. 
 Rhoda finished this session with asking Roxanne to bow. 
As soon as Roxanne was put away, we pulled out the tractor to give Evan a new round bale. By this time it was warm enough to shed both our jackets and our sweat shirts and we were working in t-shirts. All was going well until I went to flip the bale into the shelter. The log splitter had been removed from the back of the tractor and when the bale went up the back of the tractor started going up and then sideways. There is a small incline and Rhoda was on the downhill side. Thankfully I dropped the bale quickly before the tractor flipped over on top of Rhoda. We were able to get the bale upright by using the spear but that was really scary. After that we were too shook up to work and went inside. Sarah had arrived with baby Zion so the 3 of us had lunch while discussing our near miss. Rhoda wanted to wait for Karin to get off work today to take Roxanne out on the trails. Jenis was used as the lead with Karin riding her and ponying Rhoda on Roxanne until after the first creek crossing. This trail ride we let Dublin go too.
 Above they are heading down the trails and below Dublin is getting ready to cross the creek. 

 He did very well, even climbing the bank with no problem. 

 As they were coming around these trails Studly jumped out of the creek to the right of Rhoda, Roxanne spooked and ran right into Dublin. Rhoda was able to stop her and they finished the ride with no other issues. 

To see the rest of the trail ride pictures click HERE
 Karin wanted to work with Zalena before she needed to leave for the night but Rhoda and I went with Diane to pick up a new trampoline for the playground. 
This was a sad situation, the entire yard was filled with lots and lots of stuff. The lady selling the stuff told us she and her children were being evicted and everything was for sale. Rhoda, Diane and the owner went to work taking the trampoline apart. I tried to help but just wasn't strong enough to take the springs off. We each bought some things to help her out.
We got home just before dark and helped Mark put the cover on the camper. The camper will be stored inside for the winter but the cover will help with dust.

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