Friday, April 10, 2015

Visitors from Germany

Barb, AmyBeth's mother-in-law brought  her visitors over today for a Friesian trail ride. These are cousins from Germany who are staying with her for a week before heading to New York. They didn't speak much English but the love of horse is a common language. Emily was the trail boss today and took good care of them. Horses used were Killian, Jenis, Eliza and Zalena. Below are a few pictures of the trail ride.

When they arrived back at the barn AmyBeth's children wanted to take their turn on Jenis. Jenis is perfect for children or adults, she takes very good care of a young child but can give an adult a fun ride.

Emily got on to show everyone how Jenis performs for the audience and finished up with a big rear.
One of the guests from Germany was more experienced and enjoyed trotting and cantering around the arena. 

After they left Evan was brought out for a refresher course on manners. No pictures, he had rolled and was covered in mud. Tomorrow he will get a good groom, we have someone coming to look at him to breed to their Raven daughter. 
The girls left for a shopping trip in Chicago looking for bridesmaid dresses, that is all except Emily, she had already committed to house sitting for someone in Dunlap. 
Mark has busy cutting up some of the fallen trees from the storm last night with his chain saw while I was feeding and cleaning stalls. He is still out working even though the sun has set and dusk has arrived.

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