Sunday, April 26, 2015

Four Fatties

My morning started early. Sangria and Sheena were put out and stalls cleaned. Whisper was taken over to Evan to tease. She is still showing so was covered. While working with her I noticed Piper was also still showing but did not have time to get her covered.
We picked mom up for church. Mike Rieker had the first service while David Obgerfel had the second.
After church Piper was covered by Valiant. Zalena was moved out of Valiant's pasture. She is 3 weeks from her due date but more bagged up than either Sangria or Sheena. We can't go by that though as Zalena had a foal last year and neither Sangria or Sheena did. Zalena and Eliza were put in the pond pasture for the afternoon with the other 2 heavily pregnant mares.
Above is Zalena who is due May 17th but is already bagged up, and below is Sangria, Sangria decided to have a roll in the grass and barely made it back up. She is carrying a heavy load. She is now 6 days over her due date.

 Sheena loves the pond and went right in. Sangria splashed around a bit but was wise enough to realize if she barely made it upright on hard ground she was really going to have trouble in the pond.

Below is Eliza who is due May 19th of all the mares Eliza's udder looks like she is ready NOW.

 Below is Zalena and Eliza.
 The mares were left out while we went to the choir picnic at Myrna and Bob's house. That was a lot of fun, fellowship and great food. After dinner we sang for an hour then started the long trip home arriving shortly after 9:00 pm. I went to the barn to bring in the mares, mom let Molly out and just then some kids let off some huge loud fireworks. Molly took off in a panic down the road. We all started calling and searching up and down the driveways and even down the road to the neighbors. There was no sign of Molly. Around 10:00 pm we gave up and took mom home. Just as I plugged in the golf cart and started toward the house Molly arrived but was still pretty spooked. Mom was called and right away started calling her. Thank goodness Molly came to her. We are exhausted and heading to bed.

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