Sunday, April 12, 2015

Missing Halter

We over slept this morning not waking until after 6:00 am. Yesterday Lily lost her good leather halter out in the big field and I searched for about an hour but didn't find it. This morning the plan was to feed then head out to search more but waking up so late that didn't work out. Other than the searching I got everything else done before needing to leave for church. We had another blessed Sunday with our church family. Greg Rumbold had the message this morning, we heard about what great fishermen the Rumbold family is...not. And how when the Jesus asked if they caught anything after fishing all night, more than likely they wouldn't want to answer with a no. Evidently fishermen are quite the braggarts.
Tim Roecker had the afternoon service. After church Star was teased and is still in. Since rain is predicted for Monday she was covered tonight by Valiant. I leave her filly in the paddock and just bring Star out. Star's filly runs over to Indy when her mother is out of the paddock. It is really cute to see Indy with both fillies, one standing on each side of her. Star's filly was rooting around like she was going to nurse and Indy just accepts it like nursing 2 is expected.  The volley ball players showed up this evening. Below are a few pictures.

 While the players were busy on the volley ball court the dogs are busy playing on the sidelines. Missing was Ebby, she was inside mom's house playing with Molly.

Mom was going to head over to Ruth's house to try out her new hot tub while the volley ball players all went to Rachel's for a campfire. Rachel had a big slab of bacon and all were looking forward to cooking that heart-attack-on-a-stick snack.
Prissy and her colt were stalled for the night as we are suppose to get rain. I spent an hour searching for that missing halter before giving up. That is like looking for a needle in a haystack. De-wormers were ordered for the year, about $600.00 worth of de-wormers.

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