Saturday, April 11, 2015

They Made it Home

Spark & Rhonda left early this morning before Mom and Karin for the long trip home from Gulf Shores, Alabama. We know this because Spark & Rhonda made it home first. Mom and Karin pulled in at 7:30 pm. We are glad they made it home safe. Karin had to make a run here to get her horse fix and played with Prissy's colt before heading on to Maquon.
Here in Hanna City we had a cold start to the morning. The thermometer was reading 34 degrees when I went out to feed. Prissy and her colt were put in the big field for a few hours. When the sun got high enough in the sky to hit the thick frost on the grass the place turned magical, sparkling like thousands of diamonds scattered all over the pasture. The camera was brought out but it just doesn't do justice to the beauty of the morning.

 Lily, her colt, and Sangria were also let out for a few hours.

When Emily arrived home from her house sitting job Star was teased then covered by Valiant. He was so glad for the work. Our next job was to mark out the round pen. We were carrying over one of the 16 foot big heavy red gates when Anna arrived with the girls. She was given the golf cart to give the girls rides while we finished up flagging the perimeter. Mark picked up round-up and sprayed the entire circle. Once the grass die we will get lime and sand down before putting up the panels.
Jill arrived next, she has a Raven daughter she wants to breed to Evan and wanted to see him in the flesh. Emily brought him out and let him show off for her. Jill is bringing Kensie (a 2011 Lily x Raven daughter) up next Saturday. She has also hired Emily to put some riding time on her, specifically canter work. Emily is going to be one busy girl these next few weeks.
After lunch Mark bought some fat head minnows to add to the pond. Braelyn and Taegan were watching Mark put them in the pond when a gander swam across the pond catching their eye. I think his mate is nesting somewhere near the pond, he is keeping a close watch on the area.
 This was only a pound of minnows, he will buy more later.
 We have a fox pair that have a den in the wood pile, Ebby went right in after them, one of the fox came running out with Ebby chasing it across the field while the other came out of the woods and just stood there watching. When Ebby didn't come back she (I think it was the female) scooted back inside the den. Ebby came back all proud. I hope she doesn't bother them, we like fox, they help keep the rodent population down.
 The girls and I took the golf cart over to the playground to play on the tramp. Dan was there and Emma is always glad to see him.
 There are actually 4 dogs in the picture below, Ebby is in front of Zero. The playground is going to the dogs!
 David had to show the girls his shirt, they were trying to figure out what that was. 
 On the way back we stopped to pick up Indy and her filly. Emily had let them out to graze for a few hours. Indy was done grazing and asking to come back in with the other mares.
While feeding this evening Sangria's foal was kicking so hard her whole belly was moving. I placed my hand on her flank and held it there, feeling the foal kick over and over. This foal wants out but she isn't due for another 9 days and is not at all bagged up.

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