Monday, April 6, 2015

IT's a BOY!

Prissy was very waxed over this morning. I put her out but planned on checking on her every hour. At 9:00 am her water broke. She was brought inside and her tail wrapped and then it was time to wait. I thought all was well when both front hooves were showing but that wasn't the case. Prissy just did not progress. Sarah was still home and was more than willing to help pull. With each contraction we would pull with all our might and not get anywhere. We were pulling hard when I felt something give, not on the foal but in my chest. At that point I quit and told Sarah, "I've got to get help!" Joan and Rachel were called and both came. Joan and Hannah cut across the fields and beat Rachel but it wasn't until all three were pulling that they were able to get the foal un-stuck.
Watch the video below to see how hard they were working.

The shoulders were stuck and Prissy would not have been able to have this foal without their assistance. She was exhausted from trying and lay there for close to an hour before she got up. The foal was actually standing before she stood.
Prissy tore quite badly but Dr. Hoerr cannot repair it until the swelling and bruising from the birth go down. Just skip the next picture if blood bothers you. This is the picture sent by text to Dr. Hoerr.
He had the vet clinic call so we could make an appointment to get it repaired. I stayed in the stall until the colt was nursing well and Prissy had delivered the placenta. Then filled both water buckets and went down to the house to download the pictures and videos. The only problem was the pain in my chest just wouldn't go away. By 1:00 pm I decided to drive down to Meister's and see if Mark would go with me to the emergency room. We arrived there just before 2:00 pm and we didn't get home until almost 8:00pm. The good news is my heart is fine, the bad news is I tore some cartilage and muscle around the breastbone which was causing the pain. The other good news is I just have to take it easy for a while. I am surprised how painful this is.
When we arrived home Emily was moving a bale in for Lily and Sangria. Rachel was helping her. I snapped a few pictures of this big big beautiful boy.

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