Friday, April 3, 2015

Dogs Dogs and More Dogs

At 7:20 am Karin's dog, Rachel's dog and Diane's dog all came to the door to ask my 2 dogs to come out for the walk. But Karin, Rachel, Diane, Ruth, and mom are all in Gulf Shores and Joan is in Bluffton so I didn't want to go on the walk with just the dogs. I sent all 5 dogs out by themselves. Four of them did start on the walk, Darcy figured out real quick this was not something she wanted to do, Emma made it as far as the end of the yard until she realized I wasn't coming. The other 3 took off for the meeting place at the dumpster. Weird dogs, they can go anytime they want on a walk but look so forward to the morning get together.
Below is Emma getting a drink in Mark's pond.

There are an abundance of frogs in the pond but I'm not sure if any fish survived the winter. Time will tell.
Emily came over this morning mad! She had just woken up from a dream where Evan and Valiant were being hauled to a trail ride with a bunch of other horses, they stopped for gas and for some reason the 2 stallions were unloaded and they started fighting, then one trailer took off leaving her with the 2 fighting stallions. She was mad at the boys in her dream, yelling at them to "stop, just STOP!" and mad at the the people for taking off with the other trailer, knowing there was no way to put the 2 stallions in the trailer that was left. Funny how when one is so mad in the dream it is hard not to be mad when awake.
I decided to halter and groom up Tatiana and Violet this morning as Tatiana may be leaving soon. Below Emily is putting the halters on both girls.
 Above in the blue halter is Tatiana and below in the black halter is Violet.
Coming back to put the grain bucket away I see Lily's colt playing with her halter and since I had the camera you all get to see this too.

Is that a cute colt or not? He is a typical Valiant son, big boned, tall, sweet and very friendly.

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