Saturday, April 4, 2015

Fun & Games

Only when I looked at the moon this morning as I was heading out to feed, that I remembered the eclipse. It was such a beautiful full moon that turned into a blood moon before my eyes.
 We have this tall ornamental grass up between the driveway and the patio and each day it looks a little worse, turns out Emma is using that for her naps.  She sure knows how to make herself comfortable.

 After snapping her picture I went into the house to see Darcy also napping. She almost always sleeps with her head off the mattress.
 Ben and Taunya arrived with Nancy, Addyson, Jack and Jace around 10:30 am and the fun started then. Mark brought out the bean bag game to start but soon we decided to play with the squirt guns.
 They were allowed to shoot the tree, the rocks, the grass but not each other and not the dogs.
A golf cart ride sounded good once the squirt guns were put away. We found 'dinosaur' bones on our long ride around the property.
 Below Addyson and Jack are checking them over and decided they must be Tyrannosaurus Rex!
 Emily took Killian to Sandridge and met up with the Cooksey's for a trail ride. She came back estatic, Killian was excellent, everyone rode him, even strangers.. He was well behaved. The only drama was when he saw some yearlings, he just loves the babies. Once Emily took him over to meet them he was fine.
Above she is telling us about her ride. Phil & Anna arrived with the girls so we headed over to the playground to dye Easter eggs.

 Jace was just a little too young to dye eggs and very quick to grab, the swing was a perfect place for him during this activity.

The 2 mom's were busy cleaning up messes almost the entire time but we got the job done, the eggs put away and the tables cleaned off.
As we were finishing up a couple riders went by on Paris and Larry. 

The horses and the girls were enjoying their ride. The grandchildren enjoyed the playground.

 Dinner was served at 5;30, we were joined by Rhoda & Lee along with Phil & Anna, Ben & Taunya, Nancy and 6 grandchildren. After dinner the bubble stuff was brought out.

Lee brought glow sticks for the evening and the kids loved playing with those. What a fun day.

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