Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Time For Pictures

At 5:30 am I sent a text to Stephanie that I would be leaving at 6:00 am to pick up Israel unless she wanted to meet before 6:15 and then I looked at the calendar. It wasn't my turn to watch Israel. Stephanie was sent another text apologizing if the first text woke her up and that I now knew I wasn't down to have Israel. That gave me a free day and a beautiful day at that. Since it was the first of the month I had to drive in to Meister's to pay the first of the month bills and deposit checks to cover those bills but then I was free..except I needed to order my blood pressure pills from Walmart and find time to pick them up but then I was free indeed.
Around noon it had warmed up enough to bathe Indy's filly and give her a haltering lesson. She also got a tying lesson while she was cleaned up. Indy and her filly were left in the stall to dry off for a bit.  I snapped the picture below of Sangria who is not due until April 20th and usually goes a week to 10 days late.
Sangria was not bred for 2014, I wanted her to have a year off as each time she gets pregnant she gets so huge and by the looks of her belly this is another big baby.
By the time Indy's filly was dry Faith showed up just in time to help with pictures. We always want to get that cute factor in when getting pictures of the foals so I was thrilled to see her.
 She made sure the filly's legs were clean then was great at swinging the whip around asking the horses to run. Indy and her filly are posted below.
 Faith was willing to ride Indy for the pictures, she is riding her bareback with just a halter and lead rope in the next few pictures. Indy is such a wonderful mare.

Mark arrived home early to grade the driveways before the rain which is predicted to start tonight.
 Emily got home from school and brought Jurista over for some instruction. Below she is walking her to the barn.
 When she got to the outdoor arena she had to clean up manure first. She had worked all three boys in it last night and of course all three boys have to leave their mark.
 Jurista has amazing movement. Andalusian's are the elite of the horse world and after seeing Jurista move we understand a little better about their high price. They really are the horse of kings.

Jurista had to show us what she thought of the work out in the picture below.
Sarah's fiancee Nolan arrived to go riding out on the trails. Emily and Faith rode Killian, while Sarah rode Jenis and Nolan rode Eliza. Of course they have to pose for a picture before heading out on the 'death trails' just in case they don't make it back.

 They made it home with no problem at all. The trails were not slippery with mud and the creeks were down. We actually need the rain that is predicted to start tonight. Once back Sarah and Nolan took Jenis to the outdoor arena for some canter and trot work.

The evening was just about perfect. Mark finished the grading of the roads and started working on the house siding stopping when it became too dark to see. Prissy was stalled again tonight. Her udder hasn't changed but we have an 80 % chance of thunderstorms starting around midnight then continuing through tomorrow. 

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