Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Tuesday's Busy Day

Yesterday was exhausting and by the time I got home from choir it was past bed time. We had a storm come through around 3:30 am this morning with hail. I know this because Emma wanted in our room when the thunder started and Darcy decided she needed to go outside to see what all the racket was about. She didn't stay out long when the hail started pounding down.
We had a good day at Berean getting all the studies processed and the letters read but were not able to mail out any Bibles. Ellen wasn't able to get the stamps printed, she is having trouble with the meter. She is hoping to have the stamps for us by Thursday. Below are a few pictures of Tuesday morning.

 Once we got home Emily put the bucket on the skid steer and started cleaning up the manure from the stalls all winter. We had so much snow that we couldn't make this in a pile it was in a long row going the length of the drive going back to the arena.
 In the pile below is also buried all 5 of the placenta's of each of the births so far. Very thankful for 5 healthy foals, 3 boys and 2 girls so far.
 Of course the camera had to be taken into Prissy's stall for a quick shot of her 1 day old colt.
He is strong, healthy and so friendly, just a big typical Valiant son. This colt is going to be so flashy with his white legs flashing during that amazing Friesian movement, big thick long black and white tail, and his long black mane blowing in the breeze. We are only asking $4000.00 what a bargain for this one.
Mark couldn't make choir last night, Spark, Rhonda and Diane are still down in Gulf Shores, AL so I ended up driving by myself. We had a good practice but the beginning was pretty funny. We were trying to get the chairs set up on the stage and realized we would need another row, but the back row couldn't see Bob so risers were brought out. Well the men were milling around trying to get them on without moving the chairs, the ladies were getting bumped out of place and of course the phone had to be taken out for a picture. Only later did I realize a video of this would have been better.
I'm getting ready to drive in to Peoria to pick up Israel for the day. Anna is also stopping by, Braelyn is scheduled for her 4 year old birthday pictures.

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