Monday, April 27, 2015

Training Piper

After the walk it was time to tease mares. Lily said "no!" Indy said "no!" thankfully Piper said, "no!" but Lola and Whisper both said "yes!"
Sangria and Sheena were put out with Zalena and Eliza. I took a few pictures of them drowsing away in the sunshine. Below Sheena is taking a nap while the other 3 just rest standing up.
 Poor Evan is really wanting to go out to graze. Ever since we taught him to bow he knows how to graze sideways. We always let him graze after he covers a mare but I sure wish he could have his own pasture like the old days when he and Valiant were best friends. They had the big field to enjoy all summer long now they are both locked up except for special occasions.
 Below Zalena is in the lead followed by Eliza and behind Eliza is Sheena and last but not least is Sangria.
 Sheena is pictured below, she has a good sized  baby belly bump.
 Emma came over to the other side of the pond and found something wonderfully stinky to roll in. 

 Of course she got a bath this afternoon. Below Zalena is in front of Eliza and below that is Zalena's big belly baby bump.

 The flowering crab tree had a few big bumble bees buzzing around even though it was still very cool out, barely hitting 40 degrees this morning.
 The gander was keeping a close watch on the horses making sure they don't get too close to his mate's nest.
Emily arrived home from school and helped with the stallions.  We got Lola covered first by Valiant then Whisper by Evan. Next she worked horses.  I video'd her training session with Piper.

We will be able to schedule an ultrasound for her in 16 days. She rode Lola next and finished up the day with a good session on Serenity.
Mark worked on the house siding. Mom got a couple truck loads of gravel in for her drive. Too much was dumped at the bottom of the hill so Emily used the skid steer to distribute it more evenly. Tim worked on mom's mower, replacing the blades and fixing a flat tire. We had a beautiful busy sunny day but now it is time to rest.


  1. Why can't you let Evan out? Too much competition between the males? Just curious. I have learned so much from reading your blog!!!!!

    1. Hi Ann, The only way we can let Evan out is to lock Valiant up in a stall then put him in the field. The fields share a fence line. The stallions would fight across from the fence and more than likely break it down.

    2. Boys will be boys!! By the way, I loved the pic of Chuck H. on a different post!! One of the best men I know. :-)