Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Bringing Home the Gold

Jamie, the owner of Myrrhcedes, who just happens to be a Raven daughter out of Paris found out today that she is the grand champion of the Western Performance at the Friesian Heritage Horse Registration winning 1st and a gold medal.
Friesian Heritage Gold Champion (1st)
Raven's Faithful Myrrhcedes
Registration # 2498-2008
Showing Western
Owned by Jamie Stone
Jamie is so proud of her girl and can't wait to start the 2015 show season. Jamie tells us, "she is a true gift from God!" Well done Jamie and Myrrhcedes. 
We also got a picture today from the owner of Star and Evan's 2014 filly. What a cutie! 
She shed out that thick brown foal coat and turned from an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan!
Israel spent the day with me and since the weather was beautiful we spent most of it outside. We were in the pond pasture and the fox came out of the den to go hunting. I didn't have the zoom lens on the camera but got a few shots before he took off.

 Israel enjoys playing on the porch, climbing up and down the stairs and swinging on the porch swing. The gander came flying low and landed in the pond so Israel and I got on the golf cart and drove over to see him.

 We decided to drive over to the cabin field and check on Sheena and Jury. As soon as we pull up Ebby jumps in for a ride.

 Sheena is due April 21st with her first foal. We will need to bring her over soon for foal watch. The WiFi foaling camera arrived today. Philip is coming on Friday to install it in the stall barn. Hope it works as advertised. This was a birthday gift from my children and Mark. What a great gift.  Thanks kids and Mark.


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