Saturday, February 7, 2015

Thankful For My Family

We had a busy day in the Meister family. Joan's kids and grand daughters had breakfast in the igloo this morning.

Even the cat joined them for breakfast. It was nice and comfy with a thick rug and candles for light and warmth.
At 8:30 am nine of us went out on a job and something that would have taken Mark and I all day was pretty much accomplished in just less than 3 hours. Many hands really do make light work. A special thank you to Joan, Sarah and Hannah Reinhard, Rachel and Jessica Sauder, Rhoda and Lee.
At noon we stopped at church to drop off 10 more loaves of bread, clean up and in my case change. Kathy Huthmann showed up and joined us for lunch. After lunch Jessica and Hannah went with me to Shop N Save to pick up the 36 dozen donuts we ordered from Krispy Kreme for church lunch tomorrow then dropped those off at church. Everyone is invited to the Peoria church tomorrow, there will be an abundance of food, enough for even the biggest eaters.
Meanwhile Karin took a load of 4 Friesian mares to Sandridge for a scheduled trail ride. Horses used were Eliza, Jenis, Zalena and Ayanna. Riders were Melinda, Mitchell, Jessie and Karin.
Below are a few pictures of the ride.
Above is Melinda with her horse for the day Eliza and below Melinda is taking a selfy on Eliza. Karin is on Ayanna, in the lead is Mitchel on Jenis followed by Jessie riding Zalena.

There was nothing but happy smiles by the time they all made it back to the farm. Anna and her colt were put in with the 2 weanlings, Tatiana and Violet. The family purchasing Anna's colt called last night and are considering buying Tatiana also so those 2 may as well get to know each other. Jenis was moved in with Ribbon which made both Ribbon and Jenis happy. Jenis did not like being in with the weanlings and Ribbon didn't like being alone.
Sarah and Nolan announced their engagement late this afternoon.
That meant a trip to Sams for lasagna, salad, and rolls. Even though this isn't a surprise she still needs a lasagna dinner to make it official. Not sure why Nolan is wearing that hat in the picture. The dinner will be held at mom's house at 4:00 pm tomorrow as this farm house is just too small to fit the Meister family.  Better pictures of the happy couple will be posted tomorrow.

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