Tuesday, February 24, 2015


We woke up to 4 ABOVE zero this morning. It didn't seem that much warmer than 4 below, I still needed my long sleeve shirt, my hooded sweat shirt, windbreaker and my winter coat to go outside for the morning feeding. It takes so long to dress in the winter around here these last 2 years. We cancelled the walk again.
This morning instead of working at Meisters we Berean volunteers all headed to church to listen to Sue Heimer speak. She is a nationally known Christian speaker and her talk was,  5 Minutes to Say Goodby. Her husband had a major heart attack and was not given a very good chance to live. He begged for 5 minutes to say goodby to his wife and their 4 sons before they hauled him up to surgery. She told us how it was enough time to say, "I love you." There was nothing that needed to be reconciled, then she told us how she and they as a couple had achieved that status. It was very good, I wish it had been recorded so those not there could have heard it.
As soon as it was over mom, Shirley, Eva Jean and I rushed down to the shop to start work on the Bible program. To our joy Rhoda and Emily had already picked up the mail, opened most of the studies and entered more than half. We had so much mail that when Dan and Spark walked in we put them right to work.
We stayed until 3:00 pm and were able to get the studies processed, stuffed and mailed and the letters read. We will have to work on Bibles Thursday. 
When I got back to the farm Karin was here watering the arena before working horses. Anna needed to be covered so Emily came out and helped with that. We evaluated the bales and decided to wait until tomorrow before moving one in Killian's paddock, the breeding shed paddock and the middle paddock. Anna and her colt were moved into the middle paddock with Indy and Star. Both of those mares are due soon and we want the 3 foals to be together. Eliza was allowed to go in the middle paddock with them, she is low key and will not bother the babies.  Jenis was moved to the cabin field with Sheena and Ripper and Ayanna was moved in with the Percherons.
Spark drove to choir, Dusty was the leader again as Bob is still on vacation. Eva Jean and Erma served lunch and needless to say that was absolutely delicious!

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